June 15, 2023

Whether you'll DIY or planning to hire an event organizer cum party coordinator, planning for a party is  really challenging and overwhelming not to mention time-consuming. 

It might be helpful to avail an all in party packages to save you from hassle and stress, but it will also be great to know those things that you need to prepare.   

Party venue

So here's our guide for a busy mom like you.

6 months before 

That early? Yes! It's better to plan early to book the best venue and suppliers. The best and popular ones tend to book up quickly specially if your event falls on December. 

You can also take advantage of an early booking  promos with some suppliers. Some of them offers discounts if you book in advance. 

Create your checklist 

Here are the items you need for your kid's birthday party. Some of these are optional, but it will be fun to have them all

1. Venue

 Consider the number of guests you will be inviting so you could determine the size of the venue you will be booking. Upon inquiry, ask the do's and don'ts right away. Check also the parking space as some of your guests will probably bring their car.

2. Guest List

This should be started along when you're scouting for a venue. Start populating your guests list so you could plan your budget accurately.

 3. Invitation

Whether a printed one or an online invite, it doesn't matter. It's essential to send out an invite so your guests could plan ahead as well.

 4. Caterer / Food

We have different factors in considering when we're looking for a caterer. Friend's recommendations, past customer's feedback and reviews will help you decide. Always check their website or social media page.

 5. Host / Entertainers

Host and performers could make or break your event. Get those who are engaging and  could easily connect with kids. Always ask for a recommendations from your  friendly party planners as they have been surely working with lots of them.

Host Magician

 6. Lights & Sounds

For a party atmosphere, it's good to have a good audio and lighting equipment. Some venues already include this but if you will be getting one, usually a basic will do. Provide the supplier the size of your venue so they could recommend .

 7. Venue Décor

A décor will surely create an extraordinary ambiance for your guests. It will bring to life  the theme that the celebrant want. Thoughtfully chosen décor can contribute to overall guest experience.

venue decor

 8. Giveaways / Souvenirs

Choose practical items than those that are "dust-collectors". On kiddie parties, it's not mandatory to give to adults, but it will be highly appreciated if they also receive one.

 9. Game Prizes

Any items will do. Practical, cute, fun, useful, lovely, it's up to you!

 10. Cake

Any celebration isn't complete without a cake! Work with cake designer that are not just  an eye candy but also make a delicious one.


 11. Photo and Video

Invest on the best photo and video supplier. This will be your lifetime memories of your event.

 12. Food Kiosks

Or food carts.  Depends on your budget and the food that your caterer will serve, this is actually optional. Some have this, so their guests will have something to munch on while waiting.

 13. Activities

Consider adding activities like face painting, photo booth,or  inflatables.

It's an interactive and entertaining element for your guests while waiting for the party to start. It allows them to have fun, create memories, and engage with each other.

painting set activity

 14. On the day coordination

Getting one is beneficial specially if you have a lots of planned activities on the day of the event (e.g. you have baptismal prior). They will be your helper to ensure that everything you planned will be executed smoothly. You will enjoy the event without the stress of managing it yourself. They also have a wide network of vendors and suppliers, and they will surely help you match your requirement. More importantly, they have the best practices that ensure a successful party. 


Remember to book reputable and trustworthy suppliers. Always seek recommendations from friends or previous clients that has firsthand experience. Maintain open communication, discuss necessary details and specific instructions with them to ensure smooth delivery on the day. 

3 months before 

Make sure you have booked all your suppliers, and tasks has been commenced. Choose  your theme and discuss with the artist the layout for the invitation. Meet your stylist and talked about the setup and ambiance that you want for your event. 

Start discussing details and review contracts with your  vendors. Like for caterer, color of linens to use, number of tables and chairs needed, etc. With your giveaways provider, ask for the design and the number of item you will be ordering.

1 month before

You have crossed out all major tasks so you will now sorting out details at this time. Decide if you will be hiring an on the day coordinator or if there's someone who can assist you on the day, that's fine. 

Distribute your invitation. This will allow your guests to arrange their schedules and can advise their availability in a timely manner. 

Secure pass / permits for  all your suppliers to ensure smooth entry to the venue. 

A week before

 You have sent reminders to all your  suppliers and guests regarding the details of your event.

Prepare your on the day checklist and supplier' contact information. Depends on your contract, make sure all  balance has been settled or prepared.

On the day!

 Much awaited big day has come! All your suppliers come on their call time and start working.  Everyone are excited and busy. Make sure you have someone assigned to coordinate with everything .

Since you have prepared this early, you will probably feel that you will also like a guest on your own party. Enjoy the occasion, celebrate and make some memories!

After the party

Job well done! For sure you still have the hangover. You may post your thank you message on your social media and share some photos with your guests!

Consider whether you would like to provide a gratuity to your suppliers as a gesture of appreciation for their services  or a valuable feedback will do!


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