July 09, 2018

It's the season that we don't have here in Manila, but who cares! It's spring time on Lara's 1st birthday celebration.
Birthday Family welcomed their guests with colorful flowers and dainty buntings
Ambiance was dainty, but there's a rustic touch. The garden background, the wooden crates, not to mention the huge lighted Lara. The spring-theme food kiosks, the sweets bar and the garden-feel ceiling decor.
And of course, the one behind the lively occasion, Aldino, their host magician who was very entertaining all throughout the event.
Vendor Credits:
Venue by One Cafe
Photo & Video by the number 1 kiddie party photo and video supplier - Rio Jones Photography.
Overall Styling and Coordination of course by Pink n Peach Party 

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