April 03, 2018 2 Comments

This theme never fails to wow anyone who's looking into every details of shabby and dainty setup of this party. 
It didn't goes out of style and really fits for our adorable pal, Elisse. 

The entire Hall A of Le Parc Pavilion was beautifully decorated by a combination of balloons, pastel lanternsand pompoms. 

How lovely is the cake!

Personalized placemat made specially for our sweet Elisse.

...and a themed water bottle! 

Sweet treats are there for guests' sweet tooth. No one would resist for sure ;)


Thanks to Rio Jones Photography for capturing all those lovely details :)

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Marie Antonette Santiago
Marie Antonette Santiago

January 28, 2019

hi, how much is this kind of set up? or can you email me if your have sample packages or pricelist. Thanks.

madhel capobres
madhel capobres

June 11, 2018

hm ganto set up

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