November 10, 2020

Birthday celebrations candle blowing

The first few months of isolation brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic was a blessing for most people. Because for most of us it means that we can have a lot of time to loaf around and relax in this fast-paced world. Being in quarantine with schools and offices closed and the outside world basically was on a shutdown, we were given time to look into our unfinished tasks that were put on hold because of the things that kept us busy. We were also given opportunity to get our creative juices working. Some discovered a new hobby and acquired new set of skills. Some were able to brush up their rusty talents and some has able to put up new businesses to cope up with the economy.

We managed also to establish quarantine routines. So basically, most of us are doing great in the first few months of quarantine. But as COVID 19 still continue to persist for months, anxiety and restlessness starts to creep in. Being natural social beings, we are hardwired to long for companionships and hence this prolonged isolation is detrimental for our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. In connection to that, it is natural for us to feel lonely in isolation. Celebrations in general is important to curb this longing for social interactions.

With normal gatherings and celebrations hindered by government regulations our society now is pushed to be creative and adapt to the new circumstances our times face, not to say that health and violation of government guidelines should be compromised but celebrations are now taking new forms. Our culture mixed with the western concepts of celebrations put premium on special events that occur in our lives, and with those events not repeating itself, celebrating with loved ones now has to adapt celebrating the new normal way. Candy bar candy buffet

From having a grand celebration held in a spacious events place, we just had it now at the comfort of our home celebrating with members of the family. They did those decors by themselves just by watching video tutorials or purchasing DIY kits from their friendly party planners. And it's so awesome that there's a host magician who could entertain virtually as fun as he is in person. They could still do the same jaw dropping magic tricks and threw their punch lines as if they're in face to face with their audience. 

Their friends and loved ones were invited through video conferencing or social media like Zoom or MS Teams. Some mommies we know distributed an activity kits for her daughter's birthday to her friends, and they just did the DIY craft altogether virtually. 

The need for celebrations undoubtedly is special within our culture as the photos, memories and conversations on those days are incomparable with our daily routines. This gives us a moment to stop and enjoy the days that will never be replaced opposite to the daily pressure of our jobs and the constant thought to make a living.

Celebrations give us an oasis to an already full schedule and with a pandemic in place, events are now just more than just a celebration but a therapy in itself. The body is relaxed, the mind reverting back to a default calmness and the emotions devoid of pressure celebrations definitely becomes more than an occasion of piling memories but in our time, it becomes a medicine to our anxiousness and troubled hearts.

Time is gold, a very well-known proverb is now being tested through this pandemic. And the premium of time is becoming more evident as this continues to the end of the year, why celebrate? Because time that stood still because of quarantine restrictions is in need of memories that would not remember this year as a year to be forgotten and to move on from, but we could also remember particular events in this year where we can go back and say, it wasn’t so bad after all.

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